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j_manips's Journal

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Hey there
Goth!Ryohei Welcomes You!!
I created this community because sometimes it's just too hard to get ahold of konzatsu to post my new manips. There's probably a bunch of talented or if you're like me, talentLESS people out there with no outlet for their crackness.

I'd like to invite EVERYONE to join and post their photoshopped pics of J-rockers, J-poppers, and even J-dorama actors/actresses.

Just a few small rules:

I - Be nice. If someone posts your favorite jpop princess photoshopped on a weinerdog and you don't like it.... just don't comment (or even better, photoshop that person's fave artist as vengence)

II - If you didn't make it, no biggie... just credit whoever did make it when you post.